Excellent eye care from a very experienced Doctor. Dr. Kurli and her staff are highly trained and top-notch. Highly recommend.
Rick S. Five Star Rating
Dr. Kurli is professional, compassionate, and very helpful. I am extremely pleased with her care.
D. Macklin Five Star Rating
Dr. Kurli is the best! She is kind, competent, and an excellent listener. I can’t say enough good things about her. Her staff is also terrific. Dr. Kurli was recommended to me by a friend and also by the Costco optical department. When you walk into her office you feel as if you’re being cared for by a friend.
Claire P.Five Star Rating
Dr. Kurli and her entire staff have been excellent. My husband had a very dangerous tumor. The treatment was cutting-edge medicine, and now my husband has his sight and his health. Dr. Kurli’s knowledge, skill, and expertise is the best in her field. Also, she clearly has great compassion for her patients and a love of medicine. It is wonderful to see this in a doctor these days.
Donna N. Five Star Rating
Compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled. Would recommend her highly for the treatment of ocular melanoma.
Susan T. Five Star Rating
Dr. Kurli is one of the best physicians I know and has gone to. Her office staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her!
Jessica S. Five Star Rating
From the first visit through the last, I was treated like their most important patient and made to feel part of the family. The care, follow-up, and explanations of my disorder and exemplary.
John S. Five Star Rating
I was referred to Dr. Kurli by a melanoma specialist at Banner MD Anderson. Dr. Kurli is wonderful and extremely competent, positive, and down to earth when speaking with her patients. She takes her time to answer questions while educating the patient. Love her as my specialist and trust her judgment.
Kathy P. Five Star Rating
Dr Kurli is the best doctor one can go to. Very thorough, spends a good amount of time with patients, and is always open to any questions. The minute she walks into the room you will feel like all the problems are solved, so much positive energy. And all her staffs are prompt and caring too. I truly recommend DR Kurli and Advance Retina Eye Care Center in Phoenix for any eye-related issues.
Rahul A. Five Star Rating
I was referred to Dr. Kurli by the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Kurli is outstanding an outstanding physician with a great chairside manner. The staff is friendly and professional and obviously well trained. I would not hesitate for a moment to refer her to anyone desiring competent, capable, and professional care. Yea Dr. Kurli!
Wayne B. Five Star Rating
Dr. Kurli has literally saved my sight, she has stabilized the sudden AMD that struck my eyesight after a routine eye exam at the Mayo Clinic. They emphatically recommended DR. Kurli to utilize her state of the science evaluation equipment at her retina and eye center. She provided me with a complete examination and treatment protocol for my condition. I am delighted to say that my vision degradation has substantially improved with her treatment regimentation. She is my Hero, Thanks
Ron D. Five Star Rating
I saw Dr. Kurli 2 years ago when a vein in my left eye burst. She came in on her own on a weekend to look at it. She then monitored me through several appointments. She is absolutely the best. Cannot speak more highly of her
Larry W. Five Star Rating
A couple of years ago I had retinal surgery elsewhere and every time I went for a check up, heard nothing but doom and gloom about what could happen next. Once I started seeing Dr. Kurli, it was like a weight was lifted. She is a breath of fresh air taking the time to fully explain what actually happened. I now feel like I have a partner in my retinal health and am nothing but positive about the future. She is the best!
Kay S. Five Star Rating
I was referred to Dr. Kurli in Phoenix after being told I had Melonoma on my Retina from a specialist in NM. I was understandably worried. After being examined Dr. Kurli gave me the best news I have ever had. Not only did I not have Melonoma but the freckle was so small that even if it did turn bad we would be able to handle it easily. Even if the news had been bad I believe Dr. Kurli would have been the best Doctor for the job. She is so focused and competent. I would trust her totally.
Gail T. Five Star Rating
I saw Dr. Kurli recently for an ongoing problem with my retina and was pleasantly surprised that I only waited about 15 minutes. I won’t mention any names but in my experience you can wait hours to see one of these doctors! She was very kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. I would highly recommend this doctor!
James V. Five Star Rating

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